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Thermal Printer

Quick Overview
Thermal Printer for FS-44P Coin Sorter and RBC-4500 Bill Counter RTP-1

  • Thermal printer for FS-44P coin sorter and RBC-4500 bill counter
  • Save time with bank deposits by printing totals
  • Accurately keep track of your coin/bill count
  • Easy to use paper feeding technology
  • Portable

The RTP-1 thermal printer is an attachable printer option for the FS-44P 4 row digital coin sorter and the RBC-4500 electric bill counter with value counting. This printer is a must have for cash management it will provide a convenient printed receipt of the coin or bill count amount of each denomination, the dollar value amount if each denomination, and sum total dollar value of your entire coin or bill count.

Indicator Light

  • When power switch is on, the Red Power Indicator will be lit.
  • When printer is ready to print, the green Status Indicator will be lit.

Easy to Use

  • Easy to Use paper feeding technology. Unit includes a roll of receipt paper.

Printing Modes

  • The printer will automatically set to online mode when switch is turned on.

Connects to Coin Sorter

  • Use cable to connect the Serial Connector on the back of the printer to the Printer Port on the back of the FS-44P or the RBC-4500.

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