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AccuBANKER 7100

Accubanker AB7100

New AB7100 series Mix Bill Value Counter

The different markets in Latin America and the Caribbean have demonstrated a high demand for value accountants, also called valorizing or discriminatory. We take the challenge and launch a first level valuer AB7100series

The AB7100 series counter of banknotes by value has the capacity to store the programming of up to 3 different currencies. With high performance, it speeds up the count by identifying the denominations and in the case of an American dollar, the respective serial number, while being processed and integrating the detection of counterfeit notes combining multiple verification methods. With its four options of operation of value, mixed, computer and count, the valuer of banknotes satisfies the high demand of businesses and institutions with high circulation of cash.

Ideal for banks, financial institutions and all types of business with a considerable cash flow.

  • High quality buttons perfect for intensive use
  • CIS Dual Contact image sensor
  • Provides on screen and by report, full and detailed with PRINT option
  • Classifies and provides total count instantly
  • Detailed report printing of totals and serial numbers (USD only)
  • Notice of suspicious ticket display
  • Variable processing speed 750-1200-1500 (banknotes/minute)
  • Low noise during operation
  • Self-diagnostic system Self-Test Procedure
  • Network and printer Interfax connections. Simple and easy to use interface
  • Detection of counterfeit notes through UV-MG-ir-DD-DB
  • Includes 4 working modes: value, classifier, dispenser and count
  • Dual power supply 110-240v AC 60/50 Hz
  • Power consumption, < 35 W 6 W Stand by
  • Weight: 13.5 lbs/6.20 kg
  • Inbox 500 Tickets receiving tray 200 tickets
  • Frontal load roller system
  • Available for USD and option to schedule international currencies (banknotes)
  • Modern and compact design with high resolution 3 “Full color TFT display



Please do not hesitate to contact us to check for local currency. Excellent price-value ratio

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