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AccuBANKER Super Dollar Authenticator D500

Compact, fast and reliable, the D500 Authenticator immediately verifies the authenticity of US currency as well as its denomination. The D500 is equipped with audible and visual warning alerts whenever a suspicious bill is detected. This portable counterfeit detector is designed with a computerized screen capable of denomination discrimination functions as well as security icons that alert the user where exactly the bill has failed. This counterfeit detector has automatic front and back loading options as well as automatic counting functions in order to allow the user to keep track of manual counts while checking for security features.

  • Reduces Counterfeit Losses
  • Immediate Banknote Verification
  • Infrared Detection sensor
  • Internal magnetic sensor
  • Internal UV sensor
  • Audible and Visual alerts
  • Automatic Loading
  • Automatic Adding Function
  • Currency Accepted: multiple currencies
  • Software Upgradeable

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