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Currency Counter Cleaning Cards

Quick Overview
Currency Counter Cleaning Cards RBC-CLN

  • Remove dirt, dust, oils and other contaminates from bill counters
  • Fast, economical and simple means of cleaning your bill counter
  • Cleans entire rounded surface of magnetic heads
  • 10 times higher cleaning pressure
  • Reaches recessed sensors
  • Patented Waffletechnology®

Royal Sovereign’s RBC-CLN currency counter cleaning cards are the fast and easy way to clean your currency counter. The patented Waffletechnology® design removes dirt, dust and oil from your bill counter that can cause misfeeds or jams.


What makes Waffletechnology® so great for cleaning your counter? Most bill counters have lenses that are rounded and sensors that are recessed. Getting to these items cannot be achieved through the use of flat cleaning cards. Waffletechnology® cards are flexible and have raised platforms on their top and bottom surfaces which spring up and down reach every nook and cranny in your counter.

Clean in 3 Easy Steps

1) Turn bill counter on

2) Feed cleaning card directly into counter as you would currency

3) Card runs through counter collecting dirt, oil and dust

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